Welcome to Tom Mohan's Story Page

I love stories - always have, always will.  Most of my stories have a Christian theme to them, though not all.  I believe that the battle between good and evil is very real and happening all around us at this very moment.  How this looks is open to interpretation, which is why there can be so many different stories digging into this complicated subject.


These are some of mine.





Over the next couple months I will be revamping this page some. I have neglected it for too long. The primary thing I want to accomplish is to take the short stories off line and edit them. I have learned so much about writing since putting them on here and want to tighten them up a bit. 



Very excited about the release of A Winter's Romance which contains my first published story Darkness Follows. The book is available in e-book or paperback on Amazon.



Just wrote the first 500 words of my next novel, working title "Prodigal". It is a followup to "Eve of Redemption". I was hesitant to write a followup since that kind of depends on the first one doing well, but since I already know how it begins I decided to go with it. Besides, that's what faith is all about, right?



I have come to the conclusion that "Eve of Redemption" is as finished as I can get it. After doing some research on editors, agents, and publishers, I have also come to the conclusion that, since I am attending the Novel Writing Intensive Retreat with Steven James in October, my best bet is just to set the book aside and wait for the retreat. In the mean time, I might as well start the next one.



Well, after 15 months, I finally finished the first draft of Eve of Redemption.  Now for the fun part, going back and making it good enough for all you folks to want to read it.  The draft finished at about 450 paperback pages, but the final should come out somewhat shorter.  I plan to have it ready by mid-February when the Southern California Writer's Conference is in San Diego.



Sitting at the Kansas City airport right now waiting on my flight back to San Diego.  Had a great time at my 30 year high school reunion from LaPlata High.  I think we had a total of 12 of the original 27 to graduate attend.


On the flight out from San Diego I had the pleasure of sitting next to an aspiring young author named Kendra.  Kendra is only 13 years old, but already putting serious work into her writing.  We talked the entire way, which made the three hour flight seem more like one.  Kendra and her family are heading to Romania as missionaries.  I am sure she will pick up all kinds of interesting story ideas from that experience.