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  • Tom Mohan (Sunday, February 05 12 03:33 pm EST)

    Thanks checking out my site, Kelly. And thanks for writing to me in my early Navy days. Letters from home are one of the things that keep our service men and women sane. Can you believe that was
    almost 30 years ago?

  • Kelly Anne Kelly (Sunday, February 05 12 03:22 pm EST)

    WOW, I still read a lot. Was looking the other day at the pics & reading some of the letters you sent to me while in the service. I just read the preview of your book. Amazing.... I look forward
    to the rest of it Tommy!

  • kelly farr (Saturday, January 14 12 09:46 pm EST)

    Katie's Lady - AWESOME! It had me sitting on the edge of my seat. So frightening, yet I chuckled when the door slammed him in the face and broke his nose. Brilliant!

  • Kelly Farr (Saturday, January 14 12 09:15 pm EST)

    Cairn - It's a powerful, gripping read. I immediatley found myself considering the sins that would be written on the rocks of MY Cairn.

  • Tom Mohan (Friday, January 13 12 08:33 pm EST)

    Thanks, Cheryl. I think we can all be a little more confident in the Paradise that awaits us.

  • Cheryl Lundgren (Friday, January 13 12 08:15 pm EST)

    Wow!!! Watching my dad get closer and closer to going to Heaven this story Dear Daddy sure hit home.