My Miniblog



Thanks to the advice of readers, I changed the age of the narrator of "Dear Dadddy" from 10 to 12 years old.  Thanks for the input Janice and Cindy.


I also fixed some spelling errors in "The Cairn".  Thanks for the eyes, Kelly.



For the new year I am participating in a 3 week Daniel fast in which we eat only fruit, vegetables, nuts, and legumes.  In other words, only things that grow from a seed and are not processed.  No meat.  Not sweets.  No coffee!!  Oh, and you can only drink water.  I am using this fast to grow closer to God as I ask Him to fill the hunger in me with his love and grace.  It is amazing how much we rely on food for things other than fueling our bodies.  The slightest smell or visual can cause us to crave something that is not very good for us.  And, at least in my case, we usually eat it.  


God has shown me a lot in this first week.  He has shown me that I will not starve to death if I eat only healthy, unprocessed food.  He has taught me the discipline of saying no to what I want and yes to asking Him for strength to get through the hunger.  Most of all, he has shown me that he is right there with me in this minor, yet still important battle with my worldly self.


Oh, and I lost 10 pounds the first week, so I have that going for me.



Eve of Redemption is coming along nicely.  As a matter of fact, I think the end is in sight, of the first draft anyway.  I really hope to have the novel ready for publication by mid-2012, but having never actually completed a novel before, that is only a guess.  With the holiday break from work I am able to get a lot more writing done than normal and posted over 3000 words today.  I really hope that I can someday do this full time as it sure beats going to work :)

New Web Site 


This is my first web site and, I must admit, I'm not a very good webmaster.  Oh well, I'm sure I will either get better with practice, or hire some unsuspecting relative to do it for me.  I hope you enjoy what you see here, especially the stories.  Thanks for stopping by!